Hit the jackpot : Guti’s lottery video

Soccer fan and good friend of mine sent me this video. I must confess I’m more of a rugby & american football fan, but I definitely love the ways (and tone) of this video. It has been designed to promote the lottery game, but from a different approach, from the fan angle, and for the fan. And the best part is even I love it, which may explain why it reached 350 000 views in 10 days, while in spanish.

    To me it’s a win for various reason :

  • It plays with the rich footballer mansion cliché
  • It mocks Guti’s reputation, making him appear sympathetic (which he sure is, I don’t really know him), and by contagion make the video cool too
  • It’s simple, goes to the point
  • You remember the anouncer which is, let’s be honest, one of the toughest challenge that usually faces inovant or humorous campaign

Facing clichés, playing with them, has been the secret for successful commercials for a long time now. Even I can watch it and guess Guti was not acknowledge for carrying for his training coaches, and did what he wanted on the field (which seemed to be not-running-a-lot related). Mi lack of football background didn’t bother me at all, but I’m sure that the feeling the football fan get when he get the jokes has a lot to do with its success. And love from the fan is what they wanted, since it’s a sport bets based lottery.
They did it right, and it’s spreading very fast, so good job there !