MWC 2012 : 1st “Green ICT Hackathon” by Telefonica @PalauMarbett

Last month, during the Mobile World Congress ’12, in Barcelona, the Palau Marbett had the pleasure to host the first edition of Telefonica’s  Green ICT Hackathon, a “marathon where developers create applications within a defined timeframe. This event were organized by Premier Parties BCN as an initiative from Telefonica, Movistar y BlueVia. For more than a year now, Palau Marbett has been not only Talent·id’s head-quarters, but a amazing place to host some inovating & fascinating events, and meet great people!



The ITC challenge

Since the UN’s General Assembly has designated the year 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, developpers from all over the world has been given the change to make a difference, in the classy setting of the Palau Marbett. The underlying concepts were Energy efficiency, Access to Energy or Renewable Energy.

From February the 28th (14:00 to 21:00 h) to February the 29th (9:00 to 13:00 h), the developpers worked around those concept to build an ICT ( Information and Communication Technologies ) app that gives us control over how much we consume at a personal level and allows utilities to better integrate renewable energy sources and reduce wastage.

New developments seek to enhance existing processes, enabling new ways of working and transforming behavior to help create a lower-carbon economy which will be crucial if we are to meet the Millennium Development Goals.



A unique experience

As always with Palau Marbett, the event was a great success, the location providing both interior & exterior workspace, lounge, press room, making of those two days of work a unique moment, inside a charismatic 18′s century house of Barcelona. It feels so much like the real Barcelona, unique by its architecture, and its leading position in new technologies !

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