Portable energy by PROFOTO : the “BatPac”

Profoto launches its brand new mobile energy solution: the BatPac.

The BatPac add all the great features we have been used to: quick refill, durability, etc. The Profoto System striked again, and redefined the way energy flows through the use of two conventional plugin devices, which is great to use Monoblocks D1 & ComPact, or for a Acute2 Profoto Generator. And while you’re at it, why not plug your laptop DC-in, or coffee machine…

Once again, cleverness and simplicity meet in its nice release to offer a great versatility of use. The new system comes along with a kit of plugs converters.

Those are some of the main specifications of the BatPac


  • Weight: 11.2 kg /24.7 lbs inc Pb battery and bag
  • Dimensions: 25x26x35 cm / 9.8×10.2×13.8” (w x h x l)
  • Max. Output : 600W
  • Battery type : 12 V 17Ah High current Non spillable lead/acid
  • full refill delay: 8h with Profoto Charger 2A a 300 charge cycles with 50% battery capacity left
  • N° flashes/charge :300 full power flashes at 1000Ws, 600 full power flashes at 500Ws, 1200 full power flashes at 250Ws

In this video, no top models or crazy setting, but a straight forward presentation to see the product in action. Nicely done !