Smart Argentina: why beeing first is crucial

On march the 25th, Smart Argentina launched her Twitter audience conquest with a clever campaign which will go down in history as a great success.

BBDO Argentina’s agency, in charge of the project, has been able to mix up creativity –drawing the SMART car’s windows with ASCII characters, while publishing 450 Twitter’s updates with small variations in the design to finally produce a stop motion animation- and the oportunism -they’ve been the very first one to furfil this type of action on a large level-, what allowed them to get at the right spot at the right time.

In the constant moving and growing “primitive soup” that is Twitter, whoever will be able to invent new ways to use the new available tools, as in our case, will benefit of a leadership in those matters towards competition: Its content has higher probabilities to get viral. This part of the job seems to be done – and well done-, now it’s only a matter of waiting for outcomes and… work to maintain this recently acquired leadership.

All good for Smart Argentina!