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There are no ways to adequately describe the ongoing revolution in the audiovisual sector. From open broadcasting platforms such as YouTube, to HD screen mobile devices,we’ve come a long way from the first TV sets and VCR.

Too often, companies have not measured the impact those changes have had on their customers and audiences, and have ignored the benefits they could get from these new forms of media. More and more, customers want to access detailed, relevant and easy to comprehend contents anywhere and anytime. We strongly believe a quality audiovisual production can build a special relationship that any brand would dream to hold with their customers.

A dedicated format for each broadcasting platform

As with all efficient media communicationaudiovisual contents have to fit into a creative and well conceived strategy; defining what form and what support the video would need to best achieve its goals, should they be generating reputationloyalty, customer engagement or improve sales. According to the audience’s habits, we always divide the audiovisual content production into theme based blocks that will best fit public consumption habits (presentation, brand video, promotion, information/news update etc.)

All demographics have their platform of choice for certain use, and we first have to understand such factors in order to address their needs in the most logical and effortless way.

Building a relevant strategy through constant monitoring and feedback

Focused on a long term relationship, and conscious that we had to move slowly, we constantly benchmarked our content through dedicated tools to monitor the public’s response, both within and outside of the education community. Thanks to this ongoing work, we were able to improve the audience retention significantly on each individual video while maintaining the desired view count on each new video.

By segmenting the content by themes and interests, we created a multi-channel dynamic centered on very specific expectations from our viewers (parenting guidance, values, learning methods, etc.)

Let's take an example....

HTC launches its new mobile phone family!It’s 2014 in Barcelona, HTC anounced their new mobiles during the big event to provide a wider offer to Android & Apple users.

In order to give a sense of global village, the creative agency in charge of the event decided to film emblematic neighborhoods from every major cities.

Talent·id was selected to explore Barcelona and film scenes that would be blended into the rest of the movie right before the CEO presented the new devices at the MWC14 in Barcelona.

Concrete and measurable impact

We strongly feel that, for too long, audiovisual has been considered something unreliable; that, somehow, its impact couldn’t be measured. Therefore it remained excluded from the rest of the communication strategy. From our experience, with the correct strategy, videos, motion graphics and animated audiovisual can harness a great deal of credibility and also allow businesses to get the attention of their public on platforms and devices that everyone uses on a daily basis. When combined with social media and web broadcasting, audiovisual content turns out to be the most efficient format you ever worked with.

So don’t wait anymore; ask our specialist how your company could benefit from video communication.

Case Study

The sport brand Artengo, from Decathlon, asked us to produce web and TV spots, along with new motion films for their product landing pages on their websites.

Shot in Barcelona, Web & TV movies were created,  filmed and produced with TBO Films, showcasing the best sellers of the brand, in unusual contexts. We focused on creativity, to be both true to the brand and to their customers, giving the first role to the product itself.

For the longest one, the socks movie, we mixed an emblematic element of the brand, the tennis ball, with what was their big best seller, nice simple yet colorful socks. With the help of the great city of Barcelona, we showcased their products in unexpected places and situation, delivering an everyday life message in sync with the brand’s values.

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