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  • Audiovisual Production for Companies

    It is more and more commonly accepted that a well designed brand image is needed in order to shine in a more competitive environment for companies, especially since your customers are now able to compare brands and services so easily. Brand image can be your strongest ally in this war.

  • Think video !

    We already knew video was a great way to promote your business on the web. Now you won’t have to take our word for it, Google + YouTube think it is good for you too ! You may have seen the comercial on YouTube while you were waiting for you video to start. It states […]

  • Augmented Dance : When poetry meets high-technology

    I really wanted to take few minutes to share this video with you : Daito Manabe’s music video for Nosaj Thing’s song “Eclipse/Blue”. It revisits the work of german artist, compser and choregrapher Klaus Obermaier in a colorfull, spiritual and vivid way. Both visual artists confront themselves to the srceen ans use it not only […]

  • Service Point job in Barcelona & Prat de Llobregat

    Few days ago we were contacted by the great people at Pollen who are in charge of Service Point new branding. Montpellier’s bureau wanted to try us to produce a great part of the new corporate image production. Team portrait, service illustration, office shots, but also technical plants was on our list. Two days of […]

  • Why should I always film with a 1/50th shutter speed?

    Today I thought I would share a simple but interesting point, especially for all the beginners in the video industry, who joined the club with the Canon Mark II. Some people still ask themselves “Why use an ND filter to get a darker image, while spending money in 1.2 or 1.4 expensive lens. More isn’t […]

  • Picking the right medium : “Address is approximate” stop motion film

    In the creative process, picking the right medium, or form, doesn’t always come at the right time. A million times I’ve seen some videos made in full 3D, or stop motion, or mixing 3D and video, where the purpose or justification for itself came short. “Why 3D? – Because 3D is great !” . It’s […]

  • Hit the jackpot : Guti’s lottery video

    Soccer fan and good friend of mine sent me this video. I must confess I’m more of a rugby & american football fan, but I definitely love the ways (and tone) of this video. It has been designed to promote the lottery game, but from a different approach, from the fan angle, and for the […]

  • FIFIC : Boring movies will have their own International Festival (France)

    We recently discover the initiative from radios and online medias : Emmanuel Germond decided to found its own Festival International of Boring Movies (FIFIC), giving its chance to really boring and yet great piece of art ; Without a single dialogue, egocentric, too long, experimental, amateur, contemplative, video-art, without narrative, politic… There’s plenty of reasons […]

  • Next month Talentid’s investment : GoPro’s 3D Hero System

    We just can’t take it anymore ! We have been watching those YouTube 3D videos for some time now, and spent last evening thinking to all of the great stuff we could film thanks to the simple 3D solution by GoPro. It clever, versatile, solid and it does this : For now we have the […]

  • Talent·id &’s contest : Introducing the video BUMP !!

    We at Talent·id proudly power an international model & photographer contest for Not Just . Since January, weekly traffic moved from 1000 to 10000 unique visitors, and “off contest” traffic has been multiplicated by 3, without need of dedicated promotion. It’s a popular voting based system, with google+ & FaceBook likes votes, and Twitter […]

  • “Swing Gitan” @ Borneo : Smart Community Management solutions for SMB & SME

    Always testing, always active, last yesterday both Nicolas Godon & Giovanni Bettinello were @ Bar Borneo (Barcelona) to record Swing Gitan’s live. Great concert, and another experience for our audiovisual crew who realised this nice 3 minutes music video of one of Schirosa & Nikolic’s song. We think it’s a great way for small businesses like bars and […]

  • Talent·id’s grand opening on YouTube

    We’re happy to announce the opening of our YouTube Channel where you’ll find a selection of our latest works. It allows us to gather all the projects available on this great video social platform that we made over last months. and also show you some small art piece we produce on the side. We’ll be […]

  • ProjecteJK052 – Viral Videos Campaign

    After reading a bit more about the Pepsi & “funny or die” pepsiNext campaign launched three days ago, It really reminded me of the viral video campaign we’ve been asked to produce for ProjecteJK052′s theater group, to support their candidacy to a theater vote-based contest. From the middle of july to the very end of […]

  • eyeXcon Vs. Greg Frite : the producing revolution triggered by social medias

    Everyday there’s a new proof the new medias changed the way video production works. Coming across this video this morning, I thought this was the perfect example of how the video production flow has to adapt to the new ways of broadcasting and sharing the information. Here’s the case: The eyeXcon people from Paris launch […]