FIFIC : Boring movies will have their own International Festival (France)

We recently discover the initiative from radios and online medias : Emmanuel Germond decided to found its own Festival International of Boring Movies (FIFIC), giving its chance to really boring and yet great piece of art ; Without a single dialogue, egocentric, too long, experimental, amateur, contemplative, video-art, without narrative, politic… There’s plenty of reasons for a movie not to go mainstream, and get no attention at all. The french artist wanted to select the best movies of this kind, and bring it to a larger public.
Check news of marseille‘s interview below (french).

No, you won’t see blockbusters, comedies and romantic movies. But yes, they’ll bring to you the finest of a genre that has almost no promotion what so ever, in a humorous yet very organized annual event hosted in Marseille, on the french riviera (near Cannes). Starting officially in 2013, #0 edition in 2012 will bring to our attention 4 long movies (Les Harmonies Werckmeister, Few of us, Palindromes et Chansons du 2e étage), and a selection of shorts, all that could fit the “boring” category, all presented at “cinéma Les Variétés” and other places in Marseille (see partners).

This is a clever way to give promotion to the top of the not-mainstream international movie production, on a humorous stand, getting a tons of press and mainstream media interest. Well done, Emmanuel Germond, and good luck for the #0 2012′s FIFIC edition!