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A revolution regarding traditional marketing, digital marketing is characterised by its ability to create a one-to-one relationship with the lead and/or customers, the real-time environment where it evolves and a very high traceability regarding its results, translating into a “results-based” culture regarding missions and retributions.”

Digital marketing is a discipline putting in motion all digital tools available to promote an activity, products or services: the principal tools are Email Marketing, Display Ad, SEM or search engine marketing (both natural and commercial links), Web Analytics (or traffic analysis), Affiliation Programs, Conversion & Attribution strategies, Content Marketing (in great expansion), Social & Viral marketing, and Mobile Marketing (which combines items mentioned above, for a seamless mobile experience).

What’s the big deal?

Nowadays customers are switching channels to get reviews and information about their favorite services and products. Brands had to adapt in order to keep targeting the right audience while answering to new inquiries from their buyers, such as transparency, better customer service, the newest information and a coherent approach across all platforms engaged (search engines, apps, social media, email marketing, etc.).

This revolution logically led to new paradigms for marketers, discovering new ways to better know their audience in order to best serve their experience online. Outbound marketing with proper tracking campaigns and analysis provide brands with an in depth vision of their customers habits, regarding information, conversation or consumption. That’s where we help.

So how can I benefit from those tools?

The great challenge with digital marketing is to have a 360º vision of your position on the digital market, and to connect all the dots on the picture. That’s why even middle sized companies still struggle in that field, having begun search engine ads because they wanted to step up to the competitors, but weren’t able to fully measure and analyse such campaigns impact on their activity.

And the key to a proper marketing campaign is the interconnection of every tools put in motion around your brand. From email-marketing to remarketing, to social media content to on-page content, you need a result focussed team involved in organising and assessing the performance of every action. That’s the big plus of digital marketing, the ability to assess small actions individually and micro-manage those in a multi channel promotion environment.

Let's take an example...

“In a competitive environment such as the shipping franchising industry, being consistent and efficient presenting your business is key. They are dedicated channels such as comparassing platforms or online press guiding the soon-to-be franchised business owners, but being there is not enough.”

Mail Boxes Etc. had a well defined strategy regarding B2B leads and franchised aquisition, to get more people opening more of their shops in Spain. In order to create a strong relationship with leads, the brand relies on a mix of mail-marketing with a monthly newsletters going “in-depth”, presenting the brand in more details.

We helped them redesign their whole mail toolkit, from graphic design to HTML/CSS development of responsive and visually impacting templates to get the most ROI and maintain the attention on their brand, getting more openings and engagement (conversion) from their mailings. We also filmed and produced a web series of testimonials to widen thearray of tools available, given the impact of such very short clips to convert leads to new customers.

Talent·id can help

Throughout our experience, we dealt with big clients looking for help on limited and specialised issues, which allowed us to get a specialist experience on those issues. And we also helped middle size companies on multiple levels, off and online, putting the experience in motion for each bit of their global online strategy.

The result is a coherent, agile and result-based presence online that bring the most of the client investment. By being able to switch tools, speed and actions, we are able to deliver significative result with an amount of investment that is the same or even less than prior, while improving a lot the coherence of the message published on any platform available.

Don’t wait any further and ask for a quick review of your own situation. Contact me and I’ll get back to you with a synthesis of the things that could be improved, and the things we can help you with.

Case study

“For a private school based in Barcelona, we were in charge of getting every bit of their information and methodology to get to their key audience and provide them with all the information regarding formation available, core values of the brand etc. in order to help them grow the community of students.”

We decided to focus first on design and development of an efficient website, to gather more leads for them to properly contact and work offline. We built an intuitive, well crafted and very illustrative platform to get the leads to contact the school to make an apointment.

At the same time, we organised and brought up-to-speed the communication on every online channel relevant, creating a youtube channel to host videos and coordinating and creating contents for every social media in sync with the audience, sucha as Facebook and InstagramContent marketing was key during the fisrt year, bringing a lot of attention to the centre due to relevant information for students in and out of the school.

We also focused on SEM actions to promote key contents on key moments of the year to gather people during events organised in and around the school, and allow the school to get to what have been their best year since 15+ years.


Talent·id has to offer...

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Every member of our team is not only a speialist in its field, but makes sure he or she stays up-to-date regarding the most recent technics and methodologies.

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