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  • 2019 General Elections in Spain, Inspired by Netflix?

    After an intense electoral night for the 2019 General Elections in Spain, similarities in the designs of the political campaign of Pedro Sánchez with the well-known campaign of Barack Obama in the US has drawn our attention. Is any of Pedro Sánchez’s consultant really hooked to Netflix’s Abstract series? We look into it…

  • Augmented Dance : When poetry meets high-technology

    I really wanted to take few minutes to share this video with you : Daito Manabe’s music video for Nosaj Thing’s song “Eclipse/Blue”. It revisits the work of german artist, compser and choregrapher Klaus Obermaier in a colorfull, spiritual and vivid way. Both visual artists confront themselves to the srceen ans use it not only […]

  • Portable energy by PROFOTO : the “BatPac”

    Profoto launches its brand new mobile energy solution: the BatPac. The BatPac add all the great features we have been used to: quick refill, durability, etc. The Profoto System striked again, and redefined the way energy flows through the use of two conventional plugin devices, which is great to use Monoblocks D1 & ComPact, or […]