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“Talent·id is an online communication agency in Barcelona, offering solutions for companies and small businesses through graphic design, events, audiovisual production, Digital Marketing, Communication through Social Media, Motion Graphics , And professional photography and IT outsourcing services.”

We are Talentid, a young media agency based in Barcelona, Spain, which works around the world to help small and large companies improve their presence in all types of media.

Discover all the tools we use in Talent · id to maximize the impact of any action your company wants to achieve, in any available medium.

Talent·id's professionals

Chief digital officer

Nicolás Godon

“I enjoy solving problems, and also golfing, swimming, cooking, wine, and good people.”

Born in Paris, raised in France, working in Barcelona (Spain) since 2004.

Director & Founder of Digital Agency Talentid.es, specialist in creative design and digital marketing.

Associate’s degree, Communication and Media Studies

Master of Arts (MA), Interactive & Visual Arts

Contact Nicolas so he can help you reach your goals. Send him an email to hello@talentid.es

Social Media Manager

Laura Caballero

“Turn all my missions into success is my goal, I love travelling, good food ans enjoy my friends company.”

Born in Barcelona, dedicated to Digital Communication, media & events since 2009.

Creative Content manager, Social Media specialist and Content Marketer at Creative Agency Talentid.es

Graduated in Communication & Public Relations at Universidad de Barcelona.


Contact Laura so she can help you getting noticed on social media. Send her an email e-mail at hello@talentid.es

IT Consultant

Gabriel Cardon

“I provide solid web apps since early 1997 … A passionate for technology, photography & sports of all type.”

Born & raised in Paris,  lived in France and England and currently working in Barcelona.

IT Outsourcing y technology expert at Talentid Creative Agency.

Graduate BSc (HONS) – Negocio Europeo con Tecnología, Brighton, Reino Unido


Contact Gabriel so he can give you all the insights you need on the technology you currently have and may need to achieve your goals online.. Send him an e-mail at hello@talentid.es

Audiovisual Producer

Mar Ximenis

“I love work from ideas and make them reality. a Passionate of visual production and nice company.

Born in Barcelona, her projects took her from España to Europe, Africa… Her goal, to keep doing this to get to know the whole world.

Audiovisual Producer, a specialist in Video & Photography in Talentid Creative Agency.

Graduated Cinema y Audiovisuals at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) & Universidad de Barcelona as a Producer.


Contact Mar so she can turn into reality your projects. Send her an e-mail at hello@talentid.es

¿Qué es Talent·id?

Talent·id’s philosophy is simple: gather communication professionals & new technologies so we can all share our knowledge with each other working together on multiple projects.

Because the best idea is not only the most impacting, but also the more appropriate for each client , we are always on the market to find talents:

  • Able to be part of a team and do everything to make any project a success
  • Passionate about their work, the new technologies and the communication industry in general.
  • That think ahead and are able to create original solutions to communicate
  • Turn their work into measurable results for our clients
  • Willing to learn and update their processes working with others
  • That can create content inspiring to our clients and their audience
  • Finally, people capable of turning challenges into fun

Ready to get on board?

Talent·id provides
ideas to our clients

They consult for Talent·id

Justas Antanaitis

IT Specialist

Greg Ross


Camille Becdach

Photography & Post-Production

Franck Celhay


Yana Makhlina

Graphic design & post-production

Marc Vizcarro

Marketing & digital communication strategy

Marta Portales

Graphic design & post-production

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