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  • 2019 General Elections in Spain, Inspired by Netflix?

    After an intense electoral night for the 2019 General Elections in Spain, similarities in the designs of the political campaign of Pedro Sánchez with the well-known campaign of Barack Obama in the US has drawn our attention. Is any of Pedro Sánchez’s consultant really hooked to Netflix’s Abstract series? We look into it…

  • A banana-shaped Brand Ambassador brings attention to a whole country

    There are more and more articles online related to this campaign, and that’s for a very good reason … Everything began with a tourism marketing campaign worldwide based on… the banana. An initiative of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador has taken advantage of its main exported ressource to send a message worldwide through QR […]

  • NJFashion Model Contest : the appraisal

    Remember “Not Just Fashion dot Net”, the fashion and arts online magazine created by Greg Ross? In early 2012, we started to build a worldwide fashion contest to try to promote the website and get a larger audience. Not Just Fashion model contest is finally over… Now is a good time to evaluate the performance […]

  • Ex-lover blocker app: when mobiles really go “social”

    We’d like to end this long week with a funny app that made us laughed quite a lot at Talent·id’s office: the Ex-Lover Blocker. Appart from the funny approach of the video comercial, we loved it because it serves a purpose, not that you’ll ever use it, but it fills a hole, and get technology […]

  • Marketing seeks the deepest impact

    This marketing campaign aims to impact the roots of Puerto Rico’s popular culture. No doubt it’s an appealing idea, but in an era when the banks reputation and their relationship with society couldn’t be more delicate, some may wonder: can a company use its money to “buy” the popular culture in an act of appropriationism? […]

  • Wallpeople Barcelona : Otra iniciativa posible gracias a las redes sociales

    El pasado sábado 9 de junio tuvo lugar en Barcelona WallPeople bajo el lema “Express yourself”. Una iniciativa de arte colaborativo a la que se sumaron simultáneamente 30 ciudades de todo el mundo tales como New York, Lisboa, Toronto, Berlin ó Buenos Aires, entre otras. En Barcelona el evento se dio cita de 18:00h a […]

  • Crowdfunding for startups, a reality now in Spain

    This might me the very first time that we write about crowdfunding on Talent·id, but appealing the mass expecting financial support is very common these days. Despite the popularity reached by crowdfunding world wide, Spain is still defining it’s own model -not everything works the same in every country- and it’s know as a fact […]

  • Talent·id & NotJustFashion.net’s contest : Introducing the video BUMP !!

    We at Talent·id proudly power an international model & photographer contest for Not Just Fashion.net . Since January, weekly traffic moved from 1000 to 10000 unique visitors, and “off contest” traffic has been multiplicated by 3, without need of dedicated promotion. It’s a popular voting based system, with google+ & FaceBook likes votes, and Twitter […]

  • “Swing Gitan” @ Borneo : Smart Community Management solutions for SMB & SME

    Always testing, always active, last yesterday both Nicolas Godon & Giovanni Bettinello were @ Bar Borneo (Barcelona) to record Swing Gitan’s live. Great concert, and another experience for our audiovisual crew who realised this nice 3 minutes music video of one of Schirosa & Nikolic’s song. We think it’s a great way for small businesses like bars and […]

  • ProjecteJK052 – Viral Videos Campaign

    After reading a bit more about the Pepsi & “funny or die” pepsiNext campaign launched three days ago, It really reminded me of the viral video campaign we’ve been asked to produce for ProjecteJK052′s theater group, to support their candidacy to a theater vote-based contest. From the middle of july to the very end of […]

  • Pepsi & ‘Funny or Die’ Vs. Facebook Celebrities : Viral Videos Attempt

    Yesterday I came accross this campaign surfing the web, and it visually caught my eye because it was very close from what we did on the “ProjecteJK052″ video promo campaign last year [read more here]. So I digged a bit more to bring the whole story to you today. The ad agency partner is The […]

  • Understand viral, get viral!

    Today we’ll take a close look at how great viral content can do on social medias. And find out why the copy can be better than the original. Here’s the case: Adidas put together a back stage training session with the all black stars. We must admit they have been doing this for a long […]

  • NY-Times “Cascade” : When viral contents spread before your eyes

    Nowadays, every morning you get a new tryout invitation from the new app or monitoring system that will give you the full view and control of how your social content is spread on the network. I personnaly use Social Bro to do that, although some time it gets quite cold and… let’s say it… boring.There […]

  • eyeXcon Vs. Greg Frite : the producing revolution triggered by social medias

    Everyday there’s a new proof the new medias changed the way video production works. Coming across this video this morning, I thought this was the perfect example of how the video production flow has to adapt to the new ways of broadcasting and sharing the information. Here’s the case: The eyeXcon people from Paris launch […]

  • Facebook Timeline : A revolution for both profiles & pages

    As you probably already heard (or noticed on your personal account), Facebook is switching everyone’s profile and page to the ‘timeline’ design by march, the 27th. Everyone had to adjust to its new standards by the end of the month. At Talent·id, we think it’s a great opportunity given by FaceBook to achieve a more […]