ProjecteJK052 – Viral Videos Campaign

After reading a bit more about the Pepsi & “funny or die” pepsiNext campaign launched three days ago, It really reminded me of the viral video campaign we’ve been asked to produce for ProjecteJK052′s theater group, to support their candidacy to a theater vote-based contest.

From the middle of july to the very end of august, we had to garanty they will get a theater filled with supporters for the unique representation they’ll be giving, to pass to the finales. In the middle of Barcelona’s summer.

So we got busy ! Starting writing short comedy bits revealing the relationships between the main characters, then more “portrait’ monologue focused on each one of the three female characters, and a “making of” last scene. Each one around one minute of duration, designed to get online and get the people to buy online tickets for august fall.

And it has reached its public : The channel was quite visited during this summer month, and the theater got filled one week before the play. And, more important, the ProjecteJK052 team got to the finales thanks to a very supportive public, giving a total of 4 representation, one for each round of the competition.

This project was very “Talent·id” orientated, since it took creativity, writing work, collaborative work with the author and comedians of the play, then video shooting, graphic design, post production and online community management.

As a bonus, we even filmed and produce a more cinematographic ‘trailer’ to put online while the viral videos was being made.