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There are a number of cases where a company or organisation might decide to outsource parts or all of its IT operations:

> No IT knowledge in the company,
> Business-oriented structure with strong sales culture,
> Human ressources in IT hard to find on the spot,
> Project based needs over a short period,
> IT ressources peak needed to back the in-house team

How to choose the perfect outsourcing solution for your IT needs?

These are the most common examples. In each of these case outsourcing can be approached differently and arise the usual questions: “Which provider do I pick? Which country is best? What are the costs? How will we manage this external team?”. And as alway the answers are also many:

> Small and effective local team,
> Dedicated large offshore team,
> Project based,
> Iterative approach
> In house VS independant project manager

At Talent·id we have been in several of these situations:

Metasysteme Coaching: Iterative based small team

This case is close to the previous case but the project logic is different. Sometimes the product development is not known, this is often the case when you create a new service or product online. You have a general idea of what you want but you need to see it working to adjust. In these types of cases the project is not controlled in terms of budget and timeline, it is said to be iterative.

The principles are simple, you development phases in simple 1 or 2 week development cycles, then meet, test, debrief and move to the next iteration. These cycles are called sprints. What it allows is to adjust the product continuously and get the right product on the market. What it usually lacks is budget and timeframe control.

This is the case of This consulting network wanted to put an online coach questionnaire on the market. They did not really know what the end product would be and how it would work. They changed it along the way to adapt the product following tests made on sample potential client. In these cases the project manager has to be close to the teams and the client needs to be available for each iteration or sprint review.

Startup Business People Working on Laptop

Let's take an example...

Online reservation of luxury hotels has become a highly competitive market, where the pure players share the spot with bigger groups that also provide a wide range of services realted to leasure.

Innovation is key: La innovación es la clave. Splendia, with more tahn 3000 hotels listed worldwide, was looking for a better front end to provide a better experience to their user, while changing their whole back-end system to communicate with their providers around the globe.

We delivered the whole pack, mixing IT close-sourcing around Paris and Romania in order to get evertything online in one year. The result is one the best back-end administration tool of the industry, paired with a simple yet elegant front-end to position the brand into the future.

No “One-size-fits-all” solution

The most common, you have an IT project, you express needs, we build a team for that project. Timeframe and budget are known, project specifications are clear, deliverables checked. Proximity allows to meet whenever needed.

This is the case of They came to us with a clear business plan and clear marketing actions but no IT knowledge.

So we defined with them the project, and help them make the IT choices to best fit their needs, then we found the different resources needed in our network to carry out the project and managed it entirely. This is a one shot, project based outsourcing mission where all is managed locally.

In conclusion there is no right and wrong in outsourcing. The best is to analyse each need individually and chose the best option considering the product, the timeframe, the budget, the company culture and taking into account the human factor. We can help…

Talent·id has to offer...

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