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  • 2019 General Elections in Spain, Inspired by Netflix?

    After an intense electoral night for the 2019 General Elections in Spain, similarities in the designs of the political campaign of Pedro Sánchez with the well-known campaign of Barack Obama in the US has drawn our attention. Is any of Pedro Sánchez’s consultant really hooked to Netflix’s Abstract series? We look into it…

  • Fina Olivart Gallery grand opening

    We are very happy to announce the grand opening of Olivart Art Gallery in Barcelona. Fina Olivart, its owner, has been around for some time now in barcelona’s art scene, and has associate with some of the best artists of the area to offer a very refreshing and diverse selection of art pieces. Barcelona has […]

  • WeArt festival is born in Barcelona

    The first independent art festival that aims to a better diffusion of its main artists. Within few months Barcelona will host WeArt, the independant art festival specialized in new art media, Street Art Graffiti, Video Art, Words, Photography, Illustration & Plastic Arts. For this first edition organisation chose sex as this year’s topic, and from […]

  • Next month Talentid’s investment : GoPro’s 3D Hero System

    We just can’t take it anymore ! We have been watching those YouTube 3D videos for some time now, and spent last evening thinking to all of the great stuff we could film thanks to the simple 3D solution by GoPro. It clever, versatile, solid and it does this : For now we have the […]

  • Talent·id’s grand opening on YouTube

    We’re happy to announce the opening of our YouTube Channel where you’ll find a selection of our latest works. It allows us to gather all the projects available on this great video social platform that we made over last months. and also show you some small art piece we produce on the side. We’ll be […]

  • Talent·id @ Fashion Event 2012 by Cotton Bcn

    If you live in the Barcelona area, we can only recommend you to visit the Fashion Event 2012 organised at Sutton Club (details on Cotton Bcn’s website) We’ll check in around 4 pm to meet new people, creators & designers of course but also trnd-makers and bloggers of Barcelona. The show looks really nice, featuring catwalks, […]