2019 General Elections in Spain, Inspired by Netflix?

After an intense electoral night for the 2019 General Elections in Spain, similarities in the designs of the political campaign of Pedro Sánchez with the well-known campaign of Barack Obama in the US has drawn our attention. Is any of Pedro Sánchez’s consultant really hooked to Netflix’s Abstract series? We look into it…

Changes in political communication

How Barack Obama revolutionized the field of political communication in the United States

The presidential elections won by Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 are two examples of the change in marketing and political communication. He was the first to successfully use social media and other technologies on his road to the White House.

At the end of 2008, Forbes magazine chose this campaign as the best “enterprise” of the year in the world, with the data to support their claim. In just nine months, the amount raised has grown from zero to one billion dollars and from zero to more than one million employees, volunteers and supporters.

Previously, television and radio were the king-makers of political communication. But, as Barack Obama has demonstrated, the Internet has become the real king. So far, the US presidential campaign in 2008 has been the most emblematic in terms of media coverage and technology, and the most effective since Obama achieved his final goal: winning the presidency. Twice.

Similarities between concepts: The Pedro Sanchez case

Were Pedro Sánchez’s advisors inspired by the Netflix Abstract series?

Netflix’s Abstract documentary series showcases design artists and, coincidentally or not, chapters 6 and 7 contain elements closely related to Pedro Sánchez’s election campaign for the Spanish general election.

In episode 6, dedicated to Paula Scher, from the Pentagram agency in New York, is presented the redesign of the Heart & Stroke Foundation logo, in which designers used the heart of “I love” and the slash on all advertising media of the foundation. Do not you see some similarity with the logo used in the PSOE campaign?

But that does not stop there, because in the episode 7 of the same series, dedicated this time to the Plato photographic studio, we get to see the famous frontal portrait of Barack Obama with a style very similar to the one used in the campaign image of Pedro Sánchez. Chance or inspiration?

In analyzing the election campaign of Pedro Sánchez (PSOE) during these general elections in Spain, many graphic designers and fans of the world of communication have noted these similarities between the electoral image of the leader of the PSOE and the famous portrait of Barack Obama.

In more detail, it is a portrait in front of the light, in short shot, in black and white and with some gray hair appeared in a few weeks as if by magic. Gray hair are meant to insist on the weight of responsibility and, of course, its aesthetic advisers have recommended that he looked serious and engaged with the issues.

From the 6:50 minute, the logo of the foundation is analyzed

From the 8th minute, the portrait of Obama is analyzed

It’s been a week since Twitter started to spin around this topic. Through the hashtag #DespídeteDeSánchez, several users of the network have accused Pedro Sánchez of plagiarism based on the motto of the campaign, the logo and the electoral photo. What do you think?

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