Audiovisual Production for Companies

It is more and more commonly accepted that a well designed brand image is needed in order to shine in a more competitive environment for companies, especially since your customers are now able to compare brands and services so easily. Brand image can be your strongest ally in this war.

At Talent·id, digital communication agency based in Barcelona, we firmly believe that relying on a short brand video or motion presentation can be a strong part of your communication strategy, for two reasons:

  • Video or motion is an attractive and visual medium to bring attention to your brand.
  • Video or motion create interest, curiosity and bring credibility to any products or services that you present.

Even more, it became incredibly easy to broadcast, share and get the information to your target thanks to the web and social media. This amplifying effect turned a solid tool into a game changer, communication wise.

A well crafted brand video can help you defining the contours of your brand, the values relatedand the main services and/or products involved in your activity.

At Talent·id we count with a team of professional trained to deliver the best results within your buidget, but also fully understand your brand and values to give your the unique look you need to connect with your audience.

Audiovisual production for your company’s communication is a very powerful tool commercialy wise allowing businesses to raise more brand awareness, interest for the services and products provided in a smooth and modern way.

Bringing together sounds, motion and voice-over into a unique creation, you can get your message heard directly to your target or key demographic and watch your audience and sales grow.

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Talent·id has to offer...

Unique solutions

and taylor made strategies so your company get get the lead back on the communication level, thanks to cutting edge methods and tools, in sync with your goals.

Fair pricing

So your communication budget is in phase with your needs and adapts to your business' growth at anytime.


Every member of our team is not only a speialist in its field, but makes sure he or she stays up-to-date regarding the most recent technics and methodologies.

Worldwide services

Our activity allows us to work with any companies, anywhere around the globe. Our team is fluent in more than four languages, and we work with collaborators around whole Europe.