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  • 2019 General Elections in Spain, Inspired by Netflix?

    After an intense electoral night for the 2019 General Elections in Spain, similarities in the designs of the political campaign of Pedro Sánchez with the well-known campaign of Barack Obama in the US has drawn our attention. Is any of Pedro Sánchez’s consultant really hooked to Netflix’s Abstract series? We look into it…

  • Let Mike Monteiro & the Goodfellas help you with your company

    Mike Monteiro is one of those guys one needs to hear from time to time. The people who already follow him on twitter knows his style, straight to the point. On this particular presentation, the speaker and his lawyer (yes, his lawyer) review one of the mistakes everyone does, and how you could avoid them […]

  • Why should I always film with a 1/50th shutter speed?

    Today I thought I would share a simple but interesting point, especially for all the beginners in the video industry, who joined the club with the Canon Mark II. Some people still ask themselves “Why use an ND filter to get a darker image, while spending money in 1.2 or 1.4 expensive lens. More isn’t […]

  • Portable energy by PROFOTO : the “BatPac”

    Profoto launches its brand new mobile energy solution: the BatPac. The BatPac add all the great features we have been used to: quick refill, durability, etc. The Profoto System striked again, and redefined the way energy flows through the use of two conventional plugin devices, which is great to use Monoblocks D1 & ComPact, or […]

  • Crowdfunding for startups, a reality now in Spain

    This might me the very first time that we write about crowdfunding on Talent·id, but appealing the mass expecting financial support is very common these days. Despite the popularity reached by crowdfunding world wide, Spain is still defining it’s own model -not everything works the same in every country- and it’s know as a fact […]

  • Bringing the drama to your lifes : Flash mobs & concerts

    Seven days ago, TNT’s belgium channel released a (very) viral video to explain what it pretends to do for the viewers ; Bring Drama to their lives: Today I picked this example because we all recall an example of this type of live commercial, or “flashmob”. They did a lot of singing in the metro, […]

  • Smart Argentina: why beeing first is crucial

    On march the 25th, Smart Argentina launched her Twitter audience conquest with a clever campaign which will go down in history as a great success. BBDO Argentina’s agency, in charge of the project, has been able to mix up creativity -drawing the SMART car’s windows with ASCII characters, while publishing 450 Twitter’s updates with small […]

  • Understand viral, get viral!

    Today we’ll take a close look at how great viral content can do on social medias. And find out why the copy can be better than the original. Here’s the case: Adidas put together a back stage training session with the all black stars. We must admit they have been doing this for a long […]