Crowdfunding for startups, a reality now in Spain

This might me the very first time that we write about crowdfunding on Talent·id, but appealing the mass expecting financial support is very common these days.

Despite the popularity reached by crowdfunding world wide, Spain is still defining it’s own model -not everything works the same in every country- and it’s know as a fact that so far, only creative, artistic and cultural projects have been successful on local platforms such as Goteo, Verkami or Lanzanos.

Or maybe we should say WAS… Since a bunch of business angels decided to organize their investment activity through The Crowd Angel, a platform able to combine both their funds and the crowd power for microfinance, crowdfunding for business and start-ups seems to be a very hot topic among the Spanish speaking Internet users.

Crowdfunding explained with balloons, by BlackBox Innova.

But the truth is that the conversation, at least so far, has been switching from the “look at this, they made 1.000.000€ on Kickstarter, we can do the same here” to “crowdfunding will set us free”, but we could never point at a real case study near by… until today.

BrainSINS is a pretty new and small Spanish company aimed to develop services for targeting and enhancing the e-commerce effort made by other companies. But it will be reminded as the first Spanish startup that It has reached 400.000€ on The Crowd Angel, setting up the very first local success on crowdfunding for start-ups in Spain.

We can now add a documented fact to our conversation, stop hoping and begin to verify that the crowd is a perfect partner to fund our company.

And what’s more, it’s not exclusive: the more we look, the more we fund…