Picking the right medium : “Address is approximate” stop motion film

In the creative process, picking the right medium, or form, doesn’t always come at the right time. A million times I’ve seen some videos made in full 3D, or stop motion, or mixing 3D and video, where the purpose or justification for itself came short. “Why 3D? – Because 3D is great !” . It’s not enough to me.

That’s why today I’d like to remember to all our readers the nice stop motion video made by Tom Jenkins (The Theory). Because it’s visual, clever, elegant, but not only. It’s also brilliant, since it found new ways to approach technology (in this case, GoogleMaps), from a more sentimental, fictional and yet moving way. The “frame by frame” illusion of animation is the same the in-film characters and the video author use. That’s how you justify using a particular form.

Animate come from latin anima , the soul. I’m not a particuliar fan of stop motion. That’s maybe why I got impressed by this video. Because it uses stop motion to “animate”, give soul. Enjoy !