eyeXcon Vs. Greg Frite : the producing revolution triggered by social medias

Everyday there’s a new proof the new medias changed the way video production works. Coming across this video this morning, I thought this was the perfect example of how the video production flow has to adapt to the new ways of broadcasting and sharing the information.

Here’s the case: The eyeXcon people from Paris launch a brand launch a line of streetwear, mostly T-shirts. Since they operate on a “niche”, that they are only starting to build this brand and relying on there first circle to promote them, they get a domain with a tumblr, a youtube channel and start filming short clips.

And here’s what really matters : who, when, how, where.

  • Who, because who you film is the person that is going to drive attention to your brand. Nothing new here, but still, with social media, the most audience a person has, the most trafic he or she will drive to your brand.
  • When : well whenever you can, mostly all the time. Although you’ll have to proceed with diversity, and creativity, the need to occupy the facebookk wall, the twitter timeline makes production something that has to repeat over and over.
  • How : since the most important thing is being active, there and everywhere, you guessed it : you have to be simple, the whole filming, editing, postproduction process the shortest possible, always trying to maintain a strong brang image, using a simple but efficient corporate imagery.
  • Where : wherever the need for creativity takes you !

In this case, inside the workshop where thoses shirts are produced. The plan : hitting 5000 views in 10 days, as eyeXcon managed to do with their “Greg Frite” featuring of  their series “home” freestyle. By the way, series are good. Really good. You set a place, a form, and the people makes it change. And you know how YouTube works: I watch one vid, then the related other, than the first, then the other, and I finally watched the whole series.

When working on a marketing “niche”, small, and about streetwear cloth branding, this solution is clever, efficient, and fresh. Its target reached, and hoppefully those guys will succeed.