Augmented Dance : When poetry meets high-technology

I really wanted to take few minutes to share this video with you : Daito Manabe’s music video for Nosaj Thing’s song “Eclipse/Blue”. It revisits the work of german artist, compser and choregrapher Klaus Obermaier in a colorfull, spiritual and vivid way.

Both visual artists confront themselves to the srceen ans use it not only as a support for the choregraphy, but also as a “texture”. The video gets over the dancers, behing them, sometimes merging all elements in one plane, in other cases using the third dimension to give more contrast to the dancers.

In both ways the work is breath-taking, and the technology, PointGrey high-rate HD cameras (from 170 to 340fps) combined with tracking devices, quietly dissapear behind the magic and poetry displayed on those scenes. Hope you enjoyed, don’t forget to share !

Klaus Obermaier’s work