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“With new media emerging every month over the last few years, communication is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Any brand, company or group of people willing to connect and build a strong relationship with their public has to learn and understand their habits, not only as consumers, but as connected beings. This has led to companies and other groups diversifying their communication in different places, in order to best answer the public’s demand.”

No “one size fits all” solution

The first step would be to identify with precision where and how the audience gets its information. All demographics won’t engage on all networks, nor will all brands or companies. Not only some consumers won’t use certain platforms, but each social platform will provide a different level or type of relationship. According to the context or the source of enquiry, the key-point is to consider every platform as a different channel, relevant for some situations, to have some conversations, and not others.

To each network its own function

Making specific use of various platforms forges the way a company or brand should develop its communication strategy. Once the relevant social media platforms are identified, the most important thing is to provide the right experience on the right network. Not only does the information provided have to be useful, but the relationship has to be faithful to what the platform generally offers to its users. Because the success depends on sharing and user engagement, each avenue has to offer a complementary experience related to the brand, extending its influence wherever the audience desires. From reputation to conversation, from online support and guidance to contests or promotion, your needs and public will decide where to act.

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Let's take an example...

“When the company is brand new, the brand’s unknown and the sector developping, it is sometime hard to find the right audience to engage with or the right tone, because the target audience doesn’t identifies yet with the brands values.”

With The Butcher Society, we took the brand from the very beginning, finding on different platforms such as Instagram or Facebook the people to whom present the project, and started creating contents that would engage them. We constantly refined our target until we got a vivid and quite lively community on Facebook, that also take part on Instagram, or rely on Newsletters to keep in touch with new products and promotions.

Content broadcasting?

The basic role given to social media is content spreading, and the most common error is to leave the consumer as a passive component, in which they are supposed to tune into a facebook page or a twitter feed to get information. What most companies or businesses forget is that those social platforms offer a duplex conversation opportunity, providing quality information that can be later used by the brand to perfect its communication strategy.

If the public’s engagement is the key, then those platforms have to offer a greater array of specific services and opportunities than a website or a newsletter can offer. In that sense, the success of one’s online presence relies on a solid content strategy, offering relevant updates, videos or other multimedia experiences to the audience, making sure the content will have a life of its own on each platform.


It’s all in the strategy

Social media, if isolated or used just to display information, won’t be of a great help. Every business has its own specific needs, audience, habits, and ways of keeping in touch with their public and/or customers. Social media offers a unlimited range of ways to answer specific needs, making the brand a reliable, available and modern partner for each user. All social media campaigns depend on a solid analysis, a great vision of today’s and tomorrow’s market, and a consistent strategy to extend what is too often the less attended branch of a company’s communication.


Case study

“For one of our clients, a private scholar group based in Spain, we used a large array of online platforms to provide to outsiders an earnest experience of what being in this school community really means to parents and students. Not only did we help the group’s schools show their good work, but we also help them redefine the outlines of their communication net, in a very different context.”

By relying on those platforms for constant updates and goodies, we managed to build a strong online community involved in a conversation on and around their experience of teaching, being a student or just a parent of a student. All the quality content, updates, videos help the school to present its knowledge, and social media give to those content a larger audience, engaged in an on-going relationship on the target platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube).

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