Entrepreneurship and creativity mixture: an original bet in the event sector

Sometimes we have the impression that everything has been already invented and that is precisely when we get surprised with initiatives like Mybalcony, an online platform created to facilitate meetings between owners and visitors interested in the supply and demand of balconies rental for public events.

Mybalcony is the bet of three youngsters from Malaga who decided to start this project in order to match supply and demand for this type of event. Homeowners located in strategic locations throughout the Spanish territory can post their balconies and provide interested parties the opportunity to rent it to see at street level or from a higher point of view, for such events as processions at Easter, Sanfermines, Formula 1, or the Three Kings, among others.

The novelty is that Mybalcony offers visitors the opportunity to hold a tailor-made event with catering, security, decoration, photography and even video if the required.

This project has been awarded the first class of the New Talent of Andalusia.

For more information:http://www.mybalcony.com/